Ohio Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Will Not Stop Real Estate Transactions

Ohio Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Will Not Stop Real Estate Transactions

  1. All of the actors in the typical real estate transaction are considered “essential” under this order. (Home inspectors are not specifically named, but would be included under “k,” which includes trades and those businesses that support Essential Services);
  2. On Monday, 3/23/2020, we will continue operations as we have for the last 10 days, under our temporary protocols. (For the most part, these were not visible to most service providers except for additional sanitary measures in closings);
  3. On Tuesday, 2/24/2020, and until further notice, we will have additional in-office adjustments, and further modifications to our closing protocols. These are all designed to continue to protect the health of our staff and those with whom we must necessarily interact in person. These will be detailed here:
  4. At this exact moment, the county offices are continuing in operation – as already modified/restricted, or as may be announced in the days to come. So far, all modifications have allowed us to continue with closings and we will continue our operations with these counties until further notice to the contrary.  As of last Wednesday, we have been requiring (per our title insurance underwriters directives) an additional affidavit that includes acknowledgement from all parties that we cannot guarantee date/speed of recording. If a client has a construction loan, anticipates a re-sale, or re-finance (even second mortgage) in the immediate future, please have them call us to discuss how this will impact them.

Bottom line – with additional safety protocols at our closings – we will continue in operations as we have for the last couple of weeks.


This is only an informational update that reflects the information we have and may not reflect changes as they occur. It may or may not be applicable to your specific situation. Please reach out to our team for questions and help with your particular needs.