Creating a Home Office In Your New Home

Comfy new home office

Creating a Home Office In Your New Home

Congratulations on your new home.  No doubt you’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking and dreaming about how to start fresh and have the perfect layout.  As you think about spaces for kids, hobbies, and entertainment, don’t forget an increasingly more vital space – the home office.  With more people working and learning from home during the pandemic, setting up multiple spaces for separate work can be vital.  Here are a few things to consider.


Silence is Golden

Hearing your spouse provide tech support while the kids are reading aloud on Zoom can make it significantly harder to concentrate on your work.  That’s why it’s important to look for ways to create barriers and sound-deadening effects.


While offices can be made from small niches or other unused spaces, those often lack barriers.  If you really need to concentrate, get creative.  Depending on your décor, soft artwork like quilts or tapestries – or even just draperies along a wall – can absorb a great deal of sound.  Couple that with a screen behind you (both for visual interest on video calls and to give you a measure of privacy) and you’re on your way to a great location.


Get Comfy

Next, consider how to lay out your space both for function and storage.  Nothing can make a small office feel terribly cramped like a lack of storage resulting in piles on a small desk.  Built-ins, rolling filing cabinets, even multi-tray desk filing items help organize the inevitable paperwork and supplies.


Make sure to consider ergonomics as well.  A good chair can make all the difference!  For laptop users, a riser can help set wrists and neck in optimal position.  For those working from home, this is where you will spend 40 hours (or more!) a week.  Don’t cheat yourself by not thinking about your comfort.


Light it Up

Finally, make sure the space you choose for your home office has sufficient light. While being near a natural light source like a window is ideal it’s not always possible.  If you’re working with a builder, you can even discuss options like a skylight. For older homes extra lighting via lamps using bulbs that simulate daylight can help.  Additionally, shop around for a good-quality ring-light for the best appearance on video calls.


Working from home is a chance to set up a space that meets your needs; layout, room temp and color palette can all be customized to create a productive space.  As a bonus, a well-designed and organized home office can even potentially add value and appeal to future home buyers and help maintain the value of your home.